A Shabby Cottage Easter

You know as a kid how there are some words that you find intriguing and they kind of stick with you as you grow up.

‘Titavating’ is that word for me.

It’s something my mum used to say when she was making a few changes to her décor…. like “I’ve titivated the dining room” or “the bedroom needs a little titavating”.



The fact that moving things around the house and making things pretty actually had an official title, seemed a bit fancy to the 12 year old me.

I quite fancied myself as a titivater!!

Hmm…. perhaps that had some baring on me studying interior design years later.



Now, quite a few decades on, I’m definitely what you’d consider a ‘titivater’.

My hubby would probably prefer that I just did the occasional…

sprucing or tart-up…

But let’s be honest, I’m a full on titivater!



Over the weekend I added touches of Easter to my existing décor.

Even though it’s now Autumn here, we don’t really get much of a change in seasons here.

It is still hot and humid and feels like summer, so I’ve kept the look light and almost spring like.



This is a wood tag I cut from 3mm MDF. I use these a lot around my house to hang on door knobs or to tuck into dresser vignettes.

I decorated it using mostly scraps from my paper crafting scraps bag. I rarely throw away those little scraps, because they can always be used for card making or smaller projects.



The addition of a little nest and some vintage paper covered eggs is enough for a hint of Easter.

A few dried hydrangea petals and dried twigs are also tucked in to add dimension and texture.

I’m pleased with the overall softness of the tag. It is exactly how I envisaged it would be and it looks perfect sitting in my dresser.


I’ll be back tomorrow to show you more of my cottage Easter touches…

Or should I say… my titivating!!


Shabbilicious Easter hugs ~ Kerryanne


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  1. One word comes to mind-divine. You make it look oh so easy. I love the way you build the layers with just enough on each. I need to be reminded that less is often more. You always know just how much to titivate. 🙂

    • Kerryanne says:

      Ah yes Mary… one of my fav sayings “less is more”. There’s definitely a fine line between enough and too much, but I think everything you do is wonderful, so you are mastering your creative journey. xx

  2. One has to have a bit of a ‘titavate’ from time to time.
    Love your Easter make Kerryanne and keep on titivating as you share so many wonderful ideas.
    Toni xx

    • Kerryanne says:

      I’m so glad that there are others that understand the need to ‘titivate’ Toni – lol. I’m making my mother proud!! xx

  3. shirley flavell says:

    I love what you have done, your decorated tag is beautiful. Especially love the hydrangea flowerette which has been dried. It is such a beauty the hydrangea. Shirley

  4. JaneEllen says:

    So good to find another fellow titivator. Ever since I was very young have always loved decorating our house.
    Since my Mom worked six days a week all years I was in high school I took over decorating house for holidays, my Dad would critique what I did and how. He was an oil Painter, ah to have his talent. Enjoy so much seeing what you share with us, am always captivated.
    Have wonderful week and Easter.

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