Get the look– easy to make clay tags

With just 9 sleeps until Christmas, the festive excitement is building in our home.

It’s a full household, as my family gathers around…

Meal times are loud and crowded… everyone is buzzing with shopping, present wrapping and cooking. I don’t know what your home is like in the holidays, but we seem to be constantly talking about food, shopping for food and preparing food.

It’s fun!!



Putting a Christmas home together doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult.

One of the easy projects I fall back on at Christmas and throughout the year are clay tags.

This is a fun project that kids can enjoy too.



What you will need:

Air dry clay,

Cookie cutters,

Rolling pin,

Bamboo skewer or something to make holes for hanging,

Drying board or tray.




1. Simply roll out the clay like biscuit dough and cut out shapes with the cookie cutters. You can also roll clay over a lace doily or anything that has a texture.

2. Pop a hole in each one so you can hang them when dry.


Shabby Art Boutique  - clay tag 2


3. Use rubber stamps and engraving alphabet to personalize your tags. I pressed my stamp into Stayz On permanent ink and then straight into the clay.

4. Place the clay shapes on a board or tray and set aside to dry for several days.


Tip: shapes may curl up slightly during the drying process, so press lightly every so often to flatten them.

Any rough edges can be tidied up with fine sand paper.



The tags make cute tags for gifts that can later be used as tree ornaments.

As you can see, I have several tied to objects around my Christmas home.



Happy Christmas crafting,



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  1. too cute! tfs, kerryanne!

  2. Så fine de er. virkelig en morsom ide.

  3. Lovely finishing touches.
    Toni xx

  4. Simply beautiful! Thank you for the idea and Merry Christmas!!

  5. So lovely!

  6. Oh I like the texture on the heart ,rolling it over lace
    Looks like a simple idea however i’ll never get around to your
    brilliant idea LOL

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