A Homespun Christmas

Nothing says ‘welcome’ quite like a homespun Christmas,

So I try to fill my home with a selection of homemade pieces.


I love the homey look of patchwork…

But lack the time it takes to make such gorgeous works of art.

…. so I have to fake it!


Shabby Art Boutique - faux patchwork cushion tutorial


A few months ago I shared with you how I made my cottage faux patchwork cushion.

I certainly didn’t invent faux patchwork and I know there are a variety of ways to make it… this is just the way I do it.


Shabby Art Boutique - faux patchwork cushion tutorial 2


For this one I used triangles… and I made this faux patchwork cushion in an afternoon and have now started on a matching table runner.

This technique can be used for any size and shape, so the possibilities are endless.

Rather than give dimensions, I’ll share how to make it and you can design a piece around your specific requirements.


A variety of fabrics – I used a Tilda Charm pack,

Iron on applique paper – different manufacturers have different names. Here in Australia it is called Visoflex.

Normal sewing supplies,


Cushion insert.


The size of my cushion is 50 cm x 50 cm. I drew up a template of what I planned to make.

Shabby Art Boutique - believe cushion


I swapped out 6 of the triangles for one patch with text on it. This can either be painted on, like I did, or embroidered on. I chose the word ‘believe’ but you could stitch your family name, a phrase or any festive word. I haven’t supplied a template for this part of the project, because it is a variable depending on the size of your cushion



1. Cut your front and back panel fabrics to fit the size of the cushion insert you have chosen.

I closed this cushion with a zipper, but you may prefer another method. The size of your panels will be dependent on the method you choose and the size of your cushion.

2. Iron the Visoflex onto the back of a selection of the fabrics you have chosen. I made a 10 cm x 10 cm square template from cardboard, which I used to trace squares onto the Visoflex backing. Cut out enough squares to cover your front panel. Next, cut each square diagonally to make 2 x triangles per square.



3. I ruled lines on my backing fabric to ensure my rows of patchwork were straight. Using an iron set to no steam, iron the Visoflex backed triangles onto the front panel, referring to your template. (see above photo)

4. It’s already looking like patchwork, but to fix the patches permanently so they don’t fray or lift, you will need to sew down the edges with a sewing machine. I set my machine to a decorative blanket stitch and simply stitched all seams; horizontally, vertically and diagonally. I also decided to add a hand stitched running stitch around the perimeter of my Believe panel using embroidery cotton. Press finished panel.

5. Finally, I attached my zipper and stitched my front and back panels together, then inserted my cushion insert.


It certainly adds a little touch of homespun to our Christmas décor.

Shabby Art Boutique - faux patchwork cushion tutorial 4

Happy Christmas crafting,



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  1. So cute KerryAnne.

  2. Thank you for the idea (your’s or not). Vill add this to everything I want to try 😉

    • Kerryanne says:

      Hmm… us creative people sure do get big lists of things to do Dagny. Hope you enjoy this project when you get around to it. 🙂

  3. Beautiful Kerryanne. I’d call that shabbilicious patchwork! Loving the angel as well. Thanks for warming our creative souls. xo

  4. Your cushion is lovely, Kerryanne. I love your angel too.

  5. Love that pillow! So pretty & perfect with that angel.
    PS: love your name too – I’m Carrie Anne also, just spelled differently.

    Thanks for sharing. 😉

    • Kerryanne says:

      Hello there fellow Carrie/Kerrie. I’m glad you liked my faux patchwork cushion. It was fun and super easy to make. Thanks for visiting 🙂

  6. adorable patchwork, and xmas angel, kerryanne!

  7. Patricia Cash says:

    Love the pillow, thank you.

  8. Your angel certainly looks comfy sitting against her lovely cushion.
    Toni xx

  9. So pretty!!!

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